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Synergy Construction, Inc. - Partner

Synergy Construction, Inc. was founded on the basic principle “Quality with Integrity,” which remains its daily focus. Founded in 1990 by Larry and Pamela Stewart, who have over 30 years of experience working as a team in the construction industry, Synergy has built thousands of housing units throughoutthe Western United States. Synergy has built an industry-leading reputation by successfully taking on the most technically complex projects and the tightest urban project sites. Synergy’s bonding capacity is over $70 million per year, and its expert management staff is experienced with all types of construction, from high-rise to low-rise, as well as industrial. Known for its quality workmanship, strong management and communications, the Synergy team makes the construction process a pleasant experience for all — on time and on budget.

Access the USA reginal center

AUSA’s team doing business as Washington Regional Center has specially designed an EB-5 program that utilizes security and transparency as a core value and helps EB-5 investors to get their visa. By utilizing professional contractors to manage our projects, AUSA has been successful in making the projects less prone to mistakes, providing transparency and reliability.

Current Projects:
In 2012 AUSA, raised $41.5 million from immigration investment for its first project “520 replacement bridge”. This project was started with the objective of rebuilding the old floating bridge with modern design to withstand earthquake and stronger cables to resist the waves. The project has a favorable ending and helped our investors to get their green cards.  Read More…

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